how did crane make money other than by writing novels

how did crane make money other than by writing novels

Case Four: Xiao Wang Pioneering Records Xiao Wang who graduated from a mechanical major in a school. After graduation, he blindly started his own business, learninhow did crane make money other than by writing novelsg how others pour vegetables, fruits, and clothes. After several twists and turns, none of them succeeded. Just as Xiao Wang was downcast, it happened that the community organized self-employed individuals to analyze their own entrepreneurial resources. After analysis, Xiao Wang found that his greatest strength was the profession he studied. After that, Xiao Wang opened an auto repair shop, and he felt that suddenly there was a vast space. Starting a business is not an easy task. In addition to hard work and hard work, you also need to have a correct evaluation of your own strengths and weaknesses. Only in this way can you succeed. Xiao Wang's specialty is machinery, and repairing cars is his specialty. After realizing his own strengths, Xiao Wang adjusted his direction in time and finally succeeded.

In addition to posting materials in Moments, you don’t need to make pictures and write advertisements yourself. The High Commissioner Alliance also has a small trick to help you sell things, that is [Cloud Billing], and you can also become a robot. The effect is that you only need Just pull the WeChat group of friends and relatives who usually love to shop around. The robot will help you to post advertisements in the group every day. Friends only need to send keywords to buy things. The robot will also search and send automatically, which is truly unmanned. Operation, you can make money lying down at home.

In addition to the weekly weekly list, also has a monthly list every month, and an annual list at the end of each year. There are very high bonuses. The people who used to be on the list are all novices. Jump on the net, stick to it for a long time, and easily earn tens of thousands of yuan every month.

At that time, the income was getting less and less, and the love expenses were relatively large, it was really bad money! I lowered my face without being ashamed and bashful. He finally promised to teach me another time, but he asked that the theme of my website should not be similar to him. He also asked me to teach him 5000 tuition fees. After several rounds of bargaining, he agreed to let him. I pay part of it first, and then I will give him the rest. Because I have already witnessed his strength, I agreed without hesitation and immediately remitted a 1,000 yuan down payment to him. He teaches me on QQ for an hour every night from 8-9 pm, and I explore it myself at other times, but I don’t understand. Just ask him.

We usually know how to promote and attract people when we visit some platforms. From the current situation, this kind of project is the most popular in Baidu Tieba and WeChat groups. As long as we often add WeChat groups and people who visit Tieba. I often see pictures of seductive beauties. There are various contact information on the pictures, some are WeChat accounts, and some are QR codes for subscription numbers. In addition to these two situations, there are also many people who spend money on promotion for freelancers. In fact, the most indispensable thing on the Internet now is the pervert. Many people can accept the above price and are not repulsive. Earn Forum, because the content is more or less impulsive for men. I can’t wait to pay for the video right away, and then enjoy it.

Because the Qhow did crane make money other than by writing novelsQ group joins a lot of group members every day, and the capacity of the QQ group is limited, it can accommodate up to 2000 group members. Therefore, so many group members need to be managed by robots. For example, you can automatically set when to post soft text advertisements so that new group members can see your advertisements in time. Or you can send some words that let people add your QQ, and make money machine, so you can increase your QQ one-way friends.